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Allied  Engineering  and  Construction  Company involved  in  Electrical, Instrumentation  and  Mechanical  jobs  with  association  of  sister  concern companies.  Major  work  /projects  completed in  process  industries  which covered  Oil  &  Gas  sector,  fertilizer  and  chemical  plants,  actively  involved  in Engineering  and  Construction; our  staff  members  are  well experienced  in Engineering and Construction.

The  highly specialized  nature of  these  activities imposes exacting demand  on both  the  Company’s  Work  Force  and  The  Management.  We  fulfill these  by exercising  stringent  quality  controls  over  its  operation,  resources,  and services.  This includes engineering, manufacturing, construction, business management and finance in various domestics market. We  feel  this  diversity  gives  us  a  better  understanding  of  the  overall environment in which we operate.

AECC the  industrial  experience  in Power  Plants,  Electrical  Utilities,  Iron  and Steel  Making,  Petroleum  Refining and  Distribution,  Gas  Production  and Transmission, Fertilizers, Sugar, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Cement Plants etc.

Mission Statement:

Construction & Engineering services success completion with commitment

Vision Statement:

To create a global name is in providing innovative and value added technology engineering and construction solutions to customer nationwide, while creating superior share holding value.

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