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Safety & Health

Safety has always been a key focus area for the oil and gas industry, more so since the Gulf of Mexico incident in 2010. Industry players have been tightening and reviewing processes and procedures to ensure risks posed to people and the environment are minimized, and mitigating measures can be swiftly employed in the event of an incident.

AECC is committed to the highest safety and health standards. We are enhancing the governance of health, safety and environment (HSE) in AEEC through the restructuring of Group Health, Safety and Environment Division (GHSED) to enable Business Units to have greater accountability. GHSED is also proactively developing a framework to consolidate the mandatory HSE standards to be implemented group wise.

The main objective is to raise AECC HSE performance, reduce business risks and exposure, and maintain consistency in the implementation of HSE standards and requirements. The Framework is a set of mandatory requirements for all operating units and is targeted to be completed by the end of 2011. It will strengthen our HSE Management System (HSEMS) implementation which seeks to establish a pervasive HSE culture in the Corporation.

HSE Policy:

Prevent loss of Human resources engaged in the company basis
Zero accident and continuous efforts to eliminate the causes that might lead to any accident
Protect the enjoinment
Create HSE awareness amongst all employees through program and trainings. Toolbox meeting and communication.
Ensure that every area in charged, whether at site or Office, is directly responsible for the safety of employees and assets under this charged
Safety on and off the job.


AECC is a company with high ambitions. We aim to be a leading supplier of services to the oil and gas industry, and to industry involved in renewable energy. We therefore have to work within stringent quality requirements. In order to be competitive and perform our best, we have to continuously evaluate our performance and make improvements.

We apply recognized, international standards and norms to our activities and abide by a clearly defined set of ethical guidelines. This allows us to meet all our legal commitments in those countries where we are active.
Our processes shall be defined in a way which ensures quality for all deliveries, products and services. The level of quality shall also always comply with that agreed upon with the customers. We also expect our partners and suppliers to comply with our quality requirements.

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